Our Bet

If you find any training programme better in Telemarketing/Telesales, Call Center/Customer Service (quality training and real life scenarios) and cheaper than what we offer at Telemarketing Diploma, let us know and we will offer you the following:

Free Training

Free Lunch (throughout the duration of your course)

What you get with others:

Instructors who have NO idea of what it means to properly train agents in a world class call center (most of their trainees end up with no jobs)

Instructors read what they are teaching you online or via downloaded eBooks (what a joke! Could be possible in other fields, but not in a call center)

What you get with us:

Our instructors know what it means to work and train agents in world class call center environment

Our instructors own call centers in the USA (they train you just like call center agents are trained in the USA)

Our instructors have been managing call centers in the USA for over 10 years

We train you to handle calls from USA, Canada, UK (Accent training, you will learn to talk like them)

We will give you the opportunity to handle minimum of 200 calls (could be inbound or outbound calls from callers located in USA, Canada, UK, etc)

With all these and many more you stand to gain from us, tell us why employers will not consider you a hot cake!!!

After training with us, you will not just be sought after; you stand the chance to negotiate your salary.

Welcome again to Telemarketing Diploma.